Monday, 3 August 2015

Dylan Gunner

Hi All,

I am sure you have all heard the devastating news that Dylan passed away early on Tuesday Morning. Unfortunately, Dylan’s body was just not able to cope with this last leg of the treatment and the doctors could do no more for him. He went peacefully in hospital a few hours after the machines were switched off. Almost a 3 year battle with this disease!

I have been in constant communication with Jo whilst away on holiday and visited her on Friday afternoon. Before you ask, how is she? She is Jo, where do you think Dylan’s fighting spirit and strength came from?

Fortunately for all of us, the last time we were with Dylan was at our “end of junior rugby” party at my house only 4 weeks ago, Dylan, whilst weak, was with us and had a few beers and a fantastic day with his team mates of so many years. What a great last memory for us all!!!

The funeral is on Tuesday, 11th (next Tuesday) 1.15 at All Saints Church, 2.45 at Oystermouth Cemetery and then on to the Rock & Fountain in Newton. Jo has asked if all the boys can come in their jerseys, so hopefully you will!!

Keep an eye on the blog later in the week / Monday and I will confirm any other arrangements needed then.

I personally feel extremely privileged and proud to have been involved with Dylan for so many years; his fighting spirit has been and will always continue to be inspirational!!!

Best Wishes

Chris Founds